Less T&A, More Q&A: Introduction

March 07, 2022

Monday, March 7th, 2022 - the day before International Women’s Day.

A conversation broke out at our weekly Monday morning meeting regarding social media. Being a small company, we don’t have a dedicated social media manager. More often, the responsibility bounces from employee to executive to assistant, and usually ends up residing toward the bottom of a long list of ‘to-do’s’.

Today, however, we noted the importance of highlighting special occasions on our feed. Occasions such as release dates, inter-network achievements, and holidays. Our founder and Executive Producer, Dalia, mentioned how we could start with International Women’s Day. Tomorrow, March 8th, 2022.

Avos, for being a women-owned business, feels like our conversation regarding women in our industry is lacking. Where there is a fierce sense of importance and pride within our company, there is notably an absence in our public presentation.

Ok- so what’s the post? How do we emphasize the importance of International Women’s Day to us personally as a company? How do we expand upon being a women-owned/founded/run business? What does being a woman at Avocados look like? How can we showcase the infatuating, incredible women we’ve worked with over the last decade?

Turns out, even for a group of incredibly creative and driven individuals, it’s not always easy to express individualism of thought on such a grand subject through the very simple post-to-feed pipeline. This seems to be the trend that has previously stopped us from posting daily or even weekly; we have too many good thoughts to boil them down to one post.

To be candid, this Insta-struggle to figure out what to post, although creatively resolved, felt ordinary after a day of discussing and reflecting on a very nuanced topic. This sparked the idea for a blog series featuring women we’ve worked with, women we’d like to work with, as well as women who work within our walls. In concept, this series will provide insight into being a woman in film in a way an Instagram post can’t. In practice, we hope it expands our (our, including your!) collective network of phenomenal women who can help us elaborate on our own thoughts and teach us something important about womanhood in business. We look forward to where this could take us all.

Illustration by Avos Designer, Jessie Renda