FEATURE FRIDAY: Jessica Kenney

May 20, 2022

1 thing you still have from your childhood?
I learned to read and write pretty early at a fairly low income school in Boston. They didn't know what to do with me so to keep me busy they had me write in a diary when I was five. We still have it, it has dinosaurs on the front and a janky lock that's pretty easy to break into.


Something you like to do outside of work?
Travel. Walking as a form of transportation.

Hidden talent?
If I had any talents I wouldn't hide them.

Dream job other than working in film?
Singer / Musician / Stage performer

One short dinner with anyone living or dead?
My mom. Always.

Favorite scent?

Ideal meal?
Prime rib, mashed potatoes, green beans. Or burger, fries, and a milkshake.

If you were a juice what would be in it?
Ice cream.

First job?
Bargain Network telemarketing. I might go to hell.

What would your DJ name be?
Jazzy Jess.

Favorite possession?
Sad to say, my phone. It enables me to do all my favorite things. Listen to music or podcasts on long walks, call or facetime my family any time, and take pictures or videos of beautiful things.

Best way to eat an avocado?
Straight up with salt.