Creative Development

Creativity has always been core to our production approach, so it was natural to expand our services to include Creative Development. Because while film directors will always play a critical role in a project’s vision, we recognized that in-house creative direction would be particularly beneficial at specific points along the way, particularly for our direct-to-client work. This is now a true strength of ours, for everything from creative strategy, to drafting creative briefs, ordering fancy dinners, developing entire creative concepts, or simply acting as a sounding board, as needed.


Avocados and Coconuts was born of deep expertise in, and love for, production. We’re crazy like that. Our belief that production is an artform has set us apart from the start. Because production is so much more than mere timelines and logistics—production is creative problem solving. It’s equal parts preparation and reaction. It’s never doing the same thing twice. It’s a challenge and an adventure. It’s knowing what you’re an expert in, and becoming an expert in what you’re not. It’s getting things done, getting the best result, finding and capturing the story beautifully, no matter what.

To that end, we bring a combination of skill, passion, and creativity to every project. We take pride in operating as a nimble, efficient, professional team, forever able to move fast without sacrificing quality. And, crucially, we come equipped to the teeth and fully outfitted for travel. So far we’ve produced work on location in 32 countries, and counting, from documentary features to compelling content to artful product films, and everything in between.

Post & Finish

In our studio, post production isn’t something that just happens at the end. It’s a collaborative process to be considered and utilized from the beginning. Editing, sound design, color, and motion graphics are arts unto themselves, and our full-time roster boasts some of the best in the Bay Area, with each stage of the process benefitting from the expertise of the others.